Sunday, February 21, 2016

Synchronizing Moon+ Books on Android

I do a lot of reading on my Android devices, phones and tablets. After a long search I selected Moon+ Reader, the Pro version. The killer feature was the way bookmarks and underlining is handled. I mostly read non-fiction and like to mark important passages. And I want to be sure my marks are available forever. After I am done with a book, I create an Evernote clip from my marks and comments. With Moon+ this is done with a single click.

I did most of my reading on my Nexus 7 tablet, but when my phone was getting bigger I realized it would be nice to do some reading there as well. And it would be even nicer if I could synchronize the books, notes etc.

Moon+ provides some functionality in this respect but not all of it. So this is what seems to work:

  1. Create a backup of the Moon+ main folder. Just in case. Many android file manages let you create a .zip file from a folder. Do it.  
  2. Get a Dropbox account and set it up.
  3. On the device (old device) where you already have Moon+, open Moon+, go to Settings, check "link to Dropbox" and do a backup.
  4. Get Dropsync App and install it on all devices. The free version will be just fine since you will be syncing only one folder.
  5. On the old device set up Dropsync to syncing of the Moon+'s "main folder". Settings page will tell you which one that is. Typically it is sdcard/Books or sdcard/eBooks. Sync it to a new folder on Dropbox. Wait until in syncs.
  6. On the new device, set up DropSync so that it will sync to the same folder as on the old device. sdcard/eBooks, for example. For a first time sync, set sync methods as "download only". Wait until it syncs.
  7. On the new device, on Moon+ Settings page, restore from backup you made in step 3.
  8. You are done, all your past and future reading is on the new device.
  9. Change sync method in Dropsync to "two way" so that your reading is synced across devices.
  10. I suspect you could now uncheck the "integrate with dropbox" from Moon+ on both devices since Dropsync will be doing all the syncing in a much more complete way that Moon+.