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Looking Back at the Slovenian EU Presidency

I'm keep getting questions about the (success) of Slovenian presidency of the EU ( PDF ). So now, from a "historic" perspective of 5 months after, lets try to summarize: Context in which Slovenia took over the presidency: Three years after membership, one year into the Eurozone. Lisbon treaty signed. Optimism about the future role of Europe in the world. Possibility to look outward, now that internal issues seem to have been resolved. However, risks that treaty is not signed in some countries. Refrain from doing anything that would put signing of the treaty in danger. Global uncertainty (Iraq, Afganistan conflicts; US/China trade, US interest rates). Global warming at its warmest. What did we achieve: Confirming the European Perspective of the Western Balkans . Kosovo declared independence, but peace was maintained, and, moreover EU perspectives of all former Yugoslav republic significantly improved (stabilisation agreements with Serbia and BiH). Lisbon Strategy . The up