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Updated! Synchronizing Moon+ Books on Android

I do a lot of reading on my Android devices, phones and tablets. After a long search I selected  Moon+ Reader , the  Pro  version. The killer feature was the way bookmarks and underlining is handled. I mostly read non-fiction and like to mark important passages. And I want to be sure my marks are available forever. After I am done with a book, I create an Evernote clip from my marks and comments. With Moon+ this is done with a single click. I did most of my reading on my Nexus 7 tablet, but when my phone was getting bigger I realized it would be nice to do some reading there as well. And it would be even nicer if I could synchronize the books, notes etc. Synchronizing book files Moon+ provides functionality to sync books (.epub, .pdf ...) to cloud, but they are just pushed to cloud and this is the end of the story. They will not end up on your other device. So you need to do it like this:  Create a backup of the Moon+ main folder. Just in case. Many android file manages let you

Rescue Operation

I noticed two outlets I was publishing at, the Blogactiv and the DigitalPost went 404 . Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine and my email archive I was able to save the content and move it here - with original dates. Blogactiv (2007-2020) DigitalPost (2015-2017).