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A European future of Europe?

The key problem of Europe is ontological. We are not sure what the European Union actually is. Is it a free trade area, a giant NGO based in Brussels and doing good for Europe and the World, or perhaps a country in the making? The compromise answer, popular in Brussels, is that  Europe is a project . The project is something that is not static, which is being developed, and has not yet reached its final form. Brussels vs. Bratislava As long as Europe is a project, it is possible to talk about the future of Europe. As long as Europe is a project, it can be illustrated as a bicycle – standing upright until it moves forward. Euro crisis, migrant crisis and Brexit have slowed down this bicycle or even reversed its direction. One cannot drive a bicycle backwards. This is in fact the  problem to be addressed by the leaders of the EU Member States this week in Bratislava . How to get the bicycle going again. They will, as many times before, debate the future of Europe, more precisely the futu