Monday, January 3, 2011

Wishlist for iPAD II

Now that I got everything I wanted from Santa, let me write down what I want in iPad II.

  1. Shared file system for (some) apps. This has in fact nothing to do with iPAD. It is an iOS thing. As it stands, iOS is lobotomized. Each app only has access to its own files. I want for example Dropbox app and Pages app to have access to the same files. I will use one to read and write documents and the other to sync them with the could.

    Is this really too much to ask? I mean, really!
  2. Decent Safari. I want Safari to work with "destkop" versions of Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar etc. This has nothing to do with new hardware either. It is just a wish to make iPad a better client for the cloud services.
  3. More iPAD specific features in the iOS. iPad has a larger screen. It could be managed differently then the iPhone. Like switching among apps Expose style, for example.
  4. Keyboards with smaller keys, but more of them. It is really a pain to type anything that is not an US-ASCII letter.
  1. Better screen. It is an eyesore to look at iPad scree after reading something on the iPhone 4. 1920x1280 would be nice, but not very likely at the 9" screen size. But I would be disappointed with anything less than 1200x1600 pixels.
  2. USB host port. It's really a pity that I cannot give a presentation stored on my iPad on a stick to the guy who manages the projector at a conference.
  3. Keep (or increase) screen size and battery life. There are some rumors that Apple might reduce the size of the screen to be able to claim "retina" resolution and make battery smaller to reduce weight. I would hate this. Actually I would not mind a 10" screen. At better resolution one could read slightly reduced A4/letter sized pages that this civilization found as a good size for our eyes and brains.
  4. I could not care less about a camera, SD card slots, memory, processors etc.
Am I forgetting something? What would you like?


    1. Your wishlist is called Windows 7 tablet PC :))).

    2. Alan, I don't care if it has an Apple logo or not. Just have not seen any Windows 7 tablets in the stores :(

    3. Re your Keyboard and those pesky non-English characters (holding down and slide finger is cumbersome), and not to speak of English correction when typing some ad hoc other language - here's a tip (you might have tried): Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards: Add what you use (I have English, German, French, Norwegian). Now in any keyboard you will see a "globe" button, click on that and it changes in typing instantly to another language including the spelling. Quite handy and it works in iPhone too.

    4. FaceTime, definitely!

    5. All but resolution wish can be found here:

      I have pre ordered mine already so I can give you a demo as soon as it arrives.

      There are loads of videos avaliable here, including file management:

    6. Anonymous14/1/11 16:50

      Extra bonus, if shared file system supports file versioning!

      Considering the capacity of the disks today (huge) and the size of typical user file (small), it's absurd documents aren't versioned by default!

      VMS had this over 20 years ago!