Monday, January 14, 2008

Slovenian Semester at JRC in Ispra

One of the nice traditions of the Joint Technology Center of the European Commission is that they maintain "semesters" according to the schedule of the European Council presidencies. So the Slovenian semester started a few days ago.

I was asked to take part at the kick-off of the Slovenian semester at Ispra, Italy and gladly accepted the invitation. Last but not least, my Faculty for Civil Engineering has an on-going and fruitful cooperation with the JRC's ELSA lab and was even able to meet some of my former students there.

Of course there were a few speeches. Mine included. Below are the slides I made to use as talking points. Key message: Europe is about synergies among its parts. JRC's are a good example of that.

1 comment:

  1. It is difficult to comment the presentation only on the basis of slides without hearing the oral part.

    Nevertheless, some impressions based on the slides - part only:

    - the use of some " fresh sentences " and expressions, that are not the most common in " political " presentations is certainly welcome;


    the whole presentation is far too general (in particular when we have in mind that it was given in Ispra, site of three specialised JRC Institutes) - 22 out of 24 slides have very little relation to JRC). The presentation as a whole is so general, that it could be easily done by a bit more knowledgeable high school students surfing the web and using website - one would expect something more from the minister!

    On other issues:

    The link JRC - EIT, presented on one of the slides, is not clear. How would JRC contribute to creation of EIT ? By doing pilot studies ? By creating synergies with the future EIT ? And - do not forget - JRC is a European Commission's DG, while EIT will be a separate new legal entity. This relation by itself imposes certain relation between the two subjects.

    And - by the way - is Slovenia doing anything already to become part of the EIT ? Currently the " Identification Committee " for nomination of the Governing Board has already been set up by the Commission....