Wishlist for a Perfect Twitter Client

From time to time I get unhappy with my twitter experience and join the install party, trying out new clients. So far I did not find a perfect one. This is what I want:
  • handle multiple accounts
  • allow me to define groups of people I follow
  • allow the "join" and "filter" operations over streams of tweets (sounds complicated but it is in fact an enable of so many features. Think of filter like Gmail's labels and think of join like Google Reader's folder).
  • example of a "join" would be to show a single stream of all friends' tweets across all my accounts
  • examples of a "filter" operation would be to split a stream into groups, mentions, directs ...
  • notifications should be based on configurable filters too
  • show one stream (per account or not) of all directs, sents and mentions (it is a join).
  • sort messages with new on top OR old on top (I like reading from old to new, top to bottom)
  • display whole discussion thread at a click of a button (all replies)
  • display my interaction with one person (all replies and directs exchanged with another person - it is a filter)
  • allow to PASTE images into posts (like Digsby)
  • manage a user (add to group, follow, un-follow, ignore X for the next Y hours)
  • automatically split long posts into two
  • let me choose when I want to be notified (e.g. on a direct message, on a word mentioned, on a user's post) (like ???)
  • synchronize across machines, phones all read/unread, settings, groups, filters, joins ... (like Google Reader or Gmail)
  • have a no clutter interface that takes one single narrow column at the edge of the screen (like Nambu).
  • keep a local searchable backup of everything (like ??)
  • ...
Now how hard is that?

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