Wikileaks? What Wikileaks?

Napolen would know how to deal with Wikileaks:

In politics... never retreat, never retract... never admit a mistake.

Its simple. Pretend they do not exist. Here's how the Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor handled his personal dealings with the Charge d'Affairs at the US Embassy in Ljubljana to get 20 minutes in the White House with Obama:

Here is the relevant part of the cable:
"In a one-on-one pull-aside with CDA ((Charge d'Affairs)), Pahor linked acceptance of detainees to "a 20-minute meeting" with POTUS ((President of the US)) ... 
"Pahor reiterated that he would be willing to make the case,  but in a one-on-one pull-aside with CDA, the PM gently - but unambiguously - linked success on detainee resettlement to a meeting with President Obama. He said that "a 20-minute meeting" with POTUS would allow him to frame the detainee question as an act of support for Slovenia's most important ally and evidence of a newly-reinvigorated bilateral relationship. 

And this is the relevant part of the transcript from Borut Pahor's press conference a few days after the leak:
"It would be below my dignity, below my dignity, I would be ashamed, if me or my coworkers would say to anyone that we would accept one of the Guantanamo detainees if we would be received at the White House with President Obama".

And finally a comment from the new US Ambassador to Slovenia H.E. Mussomeli:
"Pahor is an honorable man".

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