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Slovenian Referendum on Border Agreement with Croatia

  Since independence, the relations between Slovenia and Croatia were essentially very good. We are one of each others’ main trade partners, Slovenes are welcome at Croatian cost and Croats on Slovenian ski slopes. A few issues remain unresolved after the breakup of Yugoslavia that kept the politicians and journalists busy, but did not have much impact on trade, tourism or friendly personal relationships. One of the major issues was the border. There are a few disputed details on land and a larger chunk of disputed sea. Image: Area of dispute ed area of the sea hashed in red. Maritime Border Issue For the last twenty years the Slovenian position on this was fairly clear, regardless of the political parties on power. Slovenian red lines were the Slovenian contact with the High Sea and the jurisdiction over most of the  Gulf of Piran , as it was under Slovenian control at the time of proclaiming independence in 1991. The positions for the negotiations with Croatia traditionally had bi-pa

Tag Clouds: Project Europe 2030 and Europe 2020

  Here is a comparison of the tag clouds for the “ Project Europe 2030 ” report of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe and the   Europe 2020 Strategy . In both cases words like “EU”, “Europe” etc. were deleted. First Europe 2020 then Project Europe 2030: