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Remember Paris!

  Indeed, huge majority of Muslims are not terrorists. But majority of perpetrators of terrorist acts in Europe since 2001 are Muslims. That fifteen million European Muslims generate more terrorist – including the thousands that travel to join ISIS – than half a billion of Europeans shows that their   integration in Europe, especially in France, is failing .   What can’t Europe do? Campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq did achieve little but regrouping of radical Islamists into a different organization. Bombing the Middle East to stone age will not achieve much either.  We should stop the migration flows and improve the border controls.  This would make sense at least until we learn how to better integrate Muslims into our societies. But what about all those who  already are in Europe?  Again, I do not believe much can be achieved by violence. Fencing off Muslim ghettos or sending young jobless people to labor camps is unjust, inhumane and stupid. Policing and security checks are just the