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Slovenia Celebrates End of Crisis with New Holiday

At risk of  non-compliance  with   Stability and Growth Pact, running a  budget deficit  during an expansion cycle, unable to fix public healthcare, unable to do a pension reform, unable to address the public sector’s trade union requirements, but  growing at 2.2%  … the  Government of Slovenia is celebrating the end of the great depression  that lasted from 2009-2015 by introducing a new holiday – January 2nd. January 2nd is not actually new. Most regimes in the former Eastern Block introduced two work-free days for New Year so as to replace Christmas which was banned. Similarly they introduced two work free days for May 1st – for a good measure of social justice after cancelling Easter. May 2nd still is a holiday in Slovenia but January 2nd was cancelled at the peak of the crisis in 2012. It is now being re-introduced so that the working people of Slovenia “could have a proper rests after the exhausting New Year’s celebrations”. Twitosphere suggested that the name of the new holiday