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Perls from Spain

I'm in Seville, Spain, at a final review of an EU project. The only other meeting I was at was the kick off. Some three years ago. Also in Spain. In between I did many things. Among others I was Secretary General of the Wise Men Group chaired by Felipe Gonzalez. From Spain. And while I sit here in a bar without internet connection, in Spain, I am reading an old talk by Larry Page. Brilliant talk. Larry invented Perl. The last language I programmed in before I took a sabbatical in politics. I miss programming. By programming you create. You don't just talk about creation. And ... ... there is more than one way to do things in Perl. I was a liberal when computer programming. Not a progressive. A liberal. And Larry Page Wall is a liberal: The very fact that it’s possible to write messy programs in Perl is also what makes it possible to write programs that are cleaner in Perl than they could ever be in a language that attempts to enforce cleanliness. True greatness is

Two for the price of one

This post is about two issues that are troubling me on the iPad. None would be worth the trouble writing about in the first place, but together ... First, this is a test if one can blog using Blogpres . Obviously it is not impossible, but this is no major achievement. In fact it is another reminder of how brain damaged the Safari for iPad is. Blogger has a very good browser editing interface which includes spell checking, insertion of images, links etc. Blogpress is little more than a text editor. Lucky that I remember how to code HTML directly. But I am not going to. Blogpress is not worth to be a commercial app. Period. Secondly, I am really unhappy with the Twitter clients on iPad. Twitterrific would be my favorite. It treats lists quite similarly as any other feed. But has a poor update algorithm and does not report what feed has new items to read. Also, at $5 for the multiaccount version, it is quite expensive. Osfoora has perhaps the most powerfull management opt