I Want a NetPad

We've seen the iPad. The best thing about it is that it will start a trend of cheap, affordable, useful tablet devices. Here is the tablet I am in the market for:
  1. Tablet format. It is a good idea, but hasn't been done right yet. It does not create a "laptop wall" at meetings. Draws less attention, makes you less pretentious than if you put a laptop on your restaurant table or open it up on a train. You can hold a tablet while doing a talk, discussion, lecture ... but not a laptop.
  2. A4 size exact, like all the paper I carry around. Reason: so that it does not draw attention if I put it with a stack of paper on the desk.
  3. 15 hours declared, 10 hours real battery life. I want to make one day trips to Brussels without a power supply.
  4. Would sacrifice color for longer battery life greyscale screen, usable in bright sunshine, 720p resolution minimum, 1080p optimum. Pixel density is everything if you want to read books or newspapers. I will watch movies and play games on a big screen TV or something that does not require me to hold the device up in my hands.In the cinema, I don't have to hold the screen.
  5. USB host and client. Host, so that I can give and take files from people on USB stick, connect devices such as wireless keyboard, camera, MP3 player, phone ... Client for easy upload of files and syncing with desktop.
  6. WiFi in 3G with standard SIM. You can bet 3G will be available at the boring meeting.
  7. VGA out. If I need to show a couple of slides or drawings to the audience with a beamer. HDMI optional.
  8. Mic and headphone jacks, built in mic and speakers.
  9. SD card reader. To expand storage and allow me to carry additional files with me.
  10. 80 GB of internal storage so that "omnia mea mecum porto". 
  11. Full featured terminal for the cloud, running Firefox and Dropbox.
  12. Runs full Microsoft or Open Office. If I read something, I want to be able to annotate it, make comments etc. Just like on the big machine. Why learn two environments.
  13. Runs Evernote, so that even if I read a book or newspaper, I can take notes.
A netbook with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard comes pretty close. I guess they could offer something like this for $299 by Christmas.

PS. I would also be interested in a smaller device, some 125x210mm, that would fit into a jacket pocket. Willing to compromise on Office at that size, but a decent viewer with annotations desired.

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